Similary like the chef, each of us has a spectacular “dish”.
We are experts in our field and we know perfectly well that we can not know everything. We share knowledge, experience and, above all, responsibilities. Thanks to this, we manage the project professionally – at every stage

Ukończyłam Wydział Projektowania Wnętrz i Mebli na Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Krakowie. Podstawy wiedzy trenerskiej zdobyłam kształcąc się w Szkole Trenerów Wszechnicy Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskego.

The chef during the culinary events organized under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.

I approach each project individually. Creating interiors or making revolutions in already existing ones

Do you build your brand and develop its strategy? Time to digitize your vision. Determine who is your client and build a relationship with them in the virtual world (…)

It assumes that hard work supported by the choice of the right tools is a guarantee of success

The image is very important. However, the perspective is also important in photography.

We provide the arrangement of the buffet space.

Ambitious, specific and committed to clients’ affairs

Jest to kolejne wyzwanie od którego zależeć będzie postrzeganie naszego lokalu przez klientów

The project is ready, some of the plans have been completed and the moment is coming when you need to secure your business. A guarantee of an objective look (…)

(…) many years of experience in the telecommunications industry has enabled us to create a unique product line (…)

In interior design, I pay special attention to the proper layout of the space – so as to maximize its potential. Knowledge of art and (…)

Hotelarz z wykształcenia i doświadczenia. Zafascynowany branżą, od 2000 roku miał okazję brać udział w wielu różnych projektach (…)

He is responsible for choosing the best form of equipment financing for your company. It will guide the whole process from choosing the offer to service after leasing.

Regardless of the type of facility, the safety and hygiene of work is important. Do you remember how the industry functioned 40 years ago? To avoid this, take the next step in (…)

It is the most important for the preparation of the facility for the opening – especially for the reception, reservation and floor services departments.

Tajemnica doskonałej współpracy?

Zgrany zespół oraz otwarte umysły. Dzięki temu do każdego projektu podchodzimy indywidualnie, co daje nam jeszcze większą satysfakcję.