Advisor - Artur Mysłek

(…) The project is ready, some of the plans have been completed and the moment is coming when we need to secure our business. Warranty  (…)

Artur Mysłek


As a representative, we represent the Customer in relations with Insurance Companies in the matters of preparing and negotiating the offer, guided by the needs and specificity of his business. Using specialized knowledge, we develop analyzes that aim to identify and minimize existing threats.

Due to the scale of operations and experience, we have enormous negotiation potential. At the customer’s request, we provide ongoing policy support as well as assistance in pursuing claims and settling claims. We have in our ranks a qualified team of people who co-created many industry programs for clients all over Poland.
The scope of our services includes:

-Audit and analysis of insurance contracts held,
-Creating an insurance program optimal for a specific client,
-Conducting a tender procedure or inquiries,
-Negotiating the created program with insurance companies,
-Analysis and comparison of obtained insurance companies’ offers,
-Entering the selected insurance program,
-Administration and current service of insurance policies,
-Assistance in pursuing claims and settling claims,
-Our services are free and do not involve any additional costs on the part of the customer.

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