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Interior Architecture – Designing from the beginning …

Interior design is a separate branch of architecture, governed by its own laws, requiring a full commitment, a passion for creating, a wide open imagination for creating unique interiors and therefore also specializing in this area. One can not expect an urban planner or an architect who designs a building to know interior architecture. In addition, we are meeting the opinion that ergonomic, functional design of the interior is easy. Meanwhile, interior design is usually much harder to do than the design of the building itself with its proper purpose. Of course, you can equip the facility at your own discretion, thinking that it is appropriate and well-matched, but could you choose the right lighting to calculate the intensity and amount of the appropriate light source?

Also, the color in the interiors is appropriately selected, it is timeless and functional – the interior designer will choose it by presenting it on the visualization.

The designer’s task, in addition to creating a beautiful concept, is also the selection of appropriate products and materials, which will save the Investor’s time and money, which is often a very important aspect of cooperation.

Designing is divided into stages:



Functional design


interior design


executive project





finishing and supervision




Topic 1

Function layout

When the designer is in possession of precise room measurements and puts them on his project, he will be able to start the stage of preparing the concept of the interior, it is nothing else than a flat projection of rooms, on which partition walls and all necessary equipment are to be found in individual rooms of the building

The first stage of interior design is the most important for both the design office and the investor. Both parties should determine in the course of subsequent meetings which issues are the most important in given rooms. Sometimes the main determinant is the modern decor, while the investor expects stylized interiors.

The designer’s task is to collect detailed data before proceeding to create the most optimal solutions in the building, especially in public places (hotel, banquet hall).

If there is a need to present alternative design concepts, the investor does not know exactly how the interior should look and what functions should be performed, the designer should present a few solutions based on his information based on the collected information.

At initial meetings, the client’s requirements and possibilities are set, ie time and cost constraints as well as user guidelines that are crucial for the designer.

It is necessary for the designer to take into account the price ceiling set by the investor. Only this way the interior design will suit the customer. The initial design of the interior presents the spatial layout of the rooms, together with the application of all necessary elements of the equipment, depending on the purpose of the building.

Daria Bogacka
designer and interior decorator

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